Monday, March 10, 2008

The opportunity cost of listening to Eliot

Spitzer's hypocrisy aside, isn't anyone hrmphing that our limited law-enforcement resources, oh-so strained trying to stop terrorists from blowing us to smithereens (so we are told), are instead being diverted to monitoring high-end prostitution rings? Are there no better targets for their bugging interests? Or, perhaps, we should see this as redistributional justice in action: by monitoring the affluent and their games, they leave the rest of us bloody well alone?

Update... and apologies? From The Economist: "(r)eports indicate that the FBI initially suspected that Mr Spitzer was involved in a case of public corruption because of movement of money in and out of accounts controlled by him. This led federal agents to investigate the prostitution ring and begin electronic surveillance of his phone calls, texts and e-mails." OK, corruption: if that's what triggered the investigation, then the FBI's choice of where to assign its resources is much more reasonable, at least in my book, than if this all but a moral crusade which happened to catch Spitzer with... nah, too easy.

Update (March 12th): The NYT clears up the story and leaves me high and dry. The investigation was triggered by Spitzer's suspicious transactions as reported by his bank. Alas, my peeve got deactivated.

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Anonymous said...

read "hrmphing" as "text message speak" for humping. My bad.
Oh, and you saw it on this blog first (maybe) Obanomics!